Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kuda Kepang Arts

Kuda Kepang Sawahlunto-17.JPG

Sawahlunto city known as the city's multi-cultural or ethnic or multicultural city, where there are so many arts groups that represent the origin of each. Diverse and berbudaya, ... accordance with the various ethnic and cultural community there. There Randai, saluang, gamaik (who represent the arts minangkabau), there are also paguyuban batak, there are also barongsai (Chinese), there are Paguyuban sunda and have also mixed extract, Keroncong, puppet and Horses braid representing the tribe of Java. At this time, I want to tell a little about one of the traditional arts of the City Tour Sawahlunto, namely Kepang Horses.

Horses Kepang jaran or braid or lumping horse is one of the traditional art that is bred in the City of Sawahlunto. My own is less so, since when the tradition of horse braid and how this is the origin muasalnya. But I do, since I know little of horses in this city braid Sawahlunto. And this art is probably one of my favorite art from the first.

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