Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Mosque Nurul Islam


In 1894 the center was built enegi PLTU electricity (power plan) in Kubang Sirakuak for various engine menggerrakan expedite the process of coal mining and transportation. Built after 1924 in the successor Salak, since the former PLTU in Kubang Sirakuak experiencing various functions of the transition. This place was a warehouse and assembly of weapons where there is a revolution in the bungker used by the combatants of freedom as a storage place for weapons such as grenade fire other weapons. And 1952 in the former PLTU a magnificent building, the Muslims built the liturgy, (now City Sawahlunto Mesjid Raya). While the former tower chimney smoke PLTU berketinggian that more than 75 meter minaret is made.

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