Sunday, August 16, 2009


As bathing officials and son-daughter of the Netherlands. Cold bathing water in 2001 to be re-styled swimming pool with the name of Cold Water Swimming Pool. And in 2006 a swimming pool is upgraded to become objects of Tourism Boom Water that has various facilities such as: Pujasera (Food Court), Gazebo (Permanent and Traditional), Garden, Arena Outbond (Flying Fox, V-Bridge, Spider Web). All these are for comfort and satisfaction of the tourists. Now it has been operating Water Boom II is still in one area with a total area of 5 ha + development, including agro and various other entertainment facilities.

Now there is Water Boom with 2 facilities:

* A. High Speed Water,
* B. Sanca Water Snake,
* C. Kiddie Water Slide,

Weekly event in Waterboom:

* Race catching fish
* Race Bucket spill
* Race Gebuk pillow
* Race Car Games
* Race Pool
* And many other games are a special visitor. Winners will get prizes and free entertainment every second week of each month.

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