Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kandi's Zoo Resort

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Resort Tourism Kandi Sawahlunto have +400 ha total area. Former mining area is now developed into tourist areas. Here there are many tourism objects. Just a Lake Tour Kandi, Animal Park with its Lake Tandikek complete with a variety of water tours, Horse Arena stages the National Road Race Arena, Motor Cross. For a hobby Beternak tourists can also visit the horse and cattle breeding.

Animal park Kandi (tsk) with the area +5 ha, are in a Tourism Resort Kandi have a total area +300 ha. Animal Parks in the City of Sawahlunto Kandi has been developed since 2006, here travelers can find a wide range and color of animals.

Kandi Animal park is equipped with a variety of family games. Arena outbound and games of children. Here, not only elephants have a mount, but also horses that will take tourists around Animal Park to tour the Lake is still in the area.

Animal park, Lake Tour and out bound and the various games children deliberately are presented in a single package in order to visit the tourist experience. See and enjoy the various facilities ranging from air tour train, water, banana boat, single-double kayaks, speed boat. Moreover, near the Central Plaza is located directly opposite the lake and Animal Park. Held at the Plaza this variety of entertainment that can be enjoyed directly from the arena Plaza, or from the lake while on tour various facilities of water, rest or while relaxing in the gazebo-gazebo available.

As bathing officials and son-daughter of the Netherlands. Cold bathing water in 2001 to be re-styled swimming pool with the name of Cold Water Swimming Pool. And in 2006 a swimming pool is upgraded to become objects of Tourism Boom Water that has various facilities such as: Pujasera (Food Court), Gazebo (Permanent and Traditional), Garden, Arena Outbond (Flying Fox, V-Bridge, Spider Web). All these are for comfort and satisfaction of the tourists. Now it has been operating Water Boom II is still in one area with a total area of 5 ha + development, including agro and various other entertainment facilities.

Now there is Water Boom with 2 facilities:

* A. High Speed Water,
* B. Sanca Water Snake,
* C. Kiddie Water Slide,

Weekly event in Waterboom:

* Race catching fish
* Race Bucket spill
* Race Gebuk pillow
* Race Car Games
* Race Pool
* And many other games are a special visitor. Winners will get prizes and free entertainment every second week of each month.
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Built in 1916 with the name "Ombilin Meinen" that serves as a mining office. And until now, is still used as office PT BA UPO.

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