Sunday, August 16, 2009

Geography and history of Sawahlunto

Sawahlunto City is one of the regencies in the province of West Sumatra. The city has a total area 5.86 km ² and a population of 15,279 inhabitants.

Sawahlunto City is a city only one mine in West Sumatra. As a city of mine, so the city is also a parallel with the emergence of coal mining that is done by the Dutch colonial government in the year 1892.

Coal is found here since mid-19th century by Ir. de Greve. He was then put to the Dutch government to mine coal in this area because it is needed for the industry and transportation during that.

Since the invention of the coal region is always visited by the geolog. Finally, after the local people "submit" to the region this year in the Netherlands in 1876.

So dirintislah mining coal in this area. Mining is managed by the state after independence, and given the name of PT Tambang Batubara Ombilin (Shinyhearts). Shinyhearts dilikuidasi then become children of PTBA (Bukit Asam), which are located in South Sumatra.

Now, since the reform scrolling also developing the mine in the area of people. People also feel entitled to do the mining. Mining they do not just land in the nation, but also land owned by mining PTBA UPO.

Mayor of the city at this time is Sawahlunto Mr. Ir. Amran Nur deputy mayor with Mr. Fauzi Hasan.

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