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"Goedang Ransum Museum"

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An achievement and pride can be seen here, where the advances in technology, cooking in a large-scale technology with steam heat already present in Sawahlunto since the beginning of the 20th century, even the first time in Indonesia. This can be seen from every part of the building and the equipment used.

Here, not only where there is a kitchen to cook, there are also some buildings that have a different function, but is one piece of mutual support to one another. Among the buildings are: the main building (Public Bath), large warehouse (warehouse) inventories of raw materials and rice,

Steam generator (furnace) made in Germany year 1894 made by the ROHRENDAMPFKESSELFABRIK DR PATENTE. NO.13449 & 42,321 units of 2, Menara chimney smoke, batangan ice factory, hospital, office cooperative coal mine Ombilin, Heuler (rice mill), ransum head home, house staff, post guards, animal slaughterhouse, the dwelling house cut animals .

Note the history of cooking shows Kitchen General average 65 PIKUL rice each day. It also provides food and cooking, such as light-drenched drenched workers for mines, pulp for hospital patients Ombilin. Thus can be Dapur Umum serve thousands of people need to eat. Because the cooking equipment is also available in all size large. We can imagine how the large pot cook rice and vegetables with diameter of 124 cm to reach 148 cm, body beriuk high as 60 cm to 70 cm thick and 1.2 cm.

In the kitchen was working as a General that serve the needs of the food:

1. Inmate, better known as the chain
2. Employees who have not Tambang him (celibacy), especially those who are far from the Dutch (Nederlands).
3. Mine is already bekeluarga.
4. Workers and patients home Ombilin Health.

Since 1945 Kitchen General cooking is not effective anymore for mine employees, but are preferred to the needs of the army. In the year 1945 for use in cooking food for TKRI. In the year 1948 General Cable is for use in cooking food for the needs of the Netherlands (Kenil) and after independence in 1950 until now RI General Kitchen is no longer in use as a place to cook. Various functions have been changes such as the period of 1950 1960s enabled the former General Cable as a place providing administration for the company Tambang Batubara Ombilin. Society as a place to call pengetikan. Dahun period 1960 - 1970 Kitchen-an ex-General as a place of formal education at Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP) Ombilin.

Period Year 1970 1980 kitchen-an ex-enabled Public housing as mine employees Ombilin until 1980. Period 1980 to 2004, still as a residential company employees, but also take some of the people who obtain permission to stay by the company. Circumstances such as this take place until early 2005.

Main exhibition space is a former General Kitchen cooking space. Here exhibited objects collection Kitchen General cooking equipment. Cooking equipment which can be witnessed all-round great system here with the hot steam from cooking steam generator that is unique.

Travelers can also penetrate through the first Sawahlunto tempo PHOTO GALLERY presents a different theme. Here, through photographs of the tourists can travel long Sawahlunto from time to time.

With the growing diversity of cultures in the City suburnya Sawahlunto Charcoal. This is seen from the various arts and cultural attractions as well as in the area. Not only cultural and traditional Minangkabau only clothing that is in the City Sawahlunto, cultural areas, such as Javanese, Batak, and China also participated in the cultural diversity of color Sawahlunto

With the diversity of cultural Sawahlunto this is known as the multi-ethnic city. Sawahlunto nagari in each frame in the culture Minangkabaumemberikan distinctive style and color with the Adat Nagari Salingka it. Nagari Silungkang, Talawi, Kubang, Tak Boncah, Lumindai, Kolok, Lunto, Kajai, Talago Gunuang and Sijantang for example, give a different color between one another. Moreover, the presence of others such as ethnic Javanese, Batak and Chinese khasanah consecutive increase the diversity of art and culture in the city Sawahlunto.

Ethnic and cultural diversity in the City of Sawahlunto is represented with the presence of Sawahlunto Gallery ethnography. Furthermore gallery presents a variety of ethnographic objects, living equipment that people used Tambang Sawahlunto City. All that can be witnessed in the area of the city museum Goedang Ransoem Sawahlunto.

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